When my neck pain and headaches became more frequent I didn’t have time to sit in a doctors office only to be sent to another doctors office. Sherry was very helpful to suggest therapies and light medications to keep me going!


Sherry is incredible. Very responsive, thorough and helpful. Working with her was unlike any other healthcare experience I’ve ever had. It was fast, convenient and effortless without having to compromise quality of care. I will be setting all future healt

I can’t imagine why anyone would want to spend time in a waiting room when you can contact such an experienced professional right from your own home! In less than the time it would take to get dressed, I had my consultation and Sherry sent prescriptions right to my preferred pharmacy. All from the comfort of my own home! Fantastic! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Quick and painless NP Missildine gave a thorough verbal exam and prescribed needed prescription. Infection cleared up, along with needed energy. Highly recommend this service for those who cannot get in to see their normal primary care physician.

If you need knowledgeable, efficient and fast medical attention that you can trust, let Sherri help you. Her professional service is great and allows you to get help without visiting crowded sick waiting rooms..a blessing to have this available.

I want to give more then 5 stars, a thousand stars?! It’s a thing 🙂 Sherry was so helpful. She was easy to reach and made our telehealth visit super easy and oh so convenient! I will most definitely be reaching out again, and spreading Sherrys name every


Sherry is the best! She’s always so helpful and available when you need her.


It’s so great to avoid the hours in the convenient care clinic to just get a prescription for a uti thanks so much for listening to me.

I give a FIVE STAR RATING. They are very prompt and extremely knowledgeable. And really, I could not be happier with them.
This service is amazing!! I have already referred family and friends because it is so convenient and easy to get an appointment. Sherry is very knowledgeable and compassionate!!
Sherry is an amazing healthcare provider. So thorough and convenient. It’s so nice to not have to sacrifice any level of care for the convenience of flexible Hours.
Sherry is hands down the best Np she took care of me in seconds and was always caring throughout the care she gave and checked in often. I would recommend her to anyone

Such a great efficient way to get help when you need it! Very understanding and attentive to me and my needs! Thanks for listening and helping me feel better!

So easy and convenient! It was wonderful to be able to receive care without having to leave home. Sherry is so easy to talk to! Highly recommend!

This was so important I felt a sore throat coming on and just being able to call and Get a consult. Thanks. Just two days later. I am feeling much better.

Five stars is not nearly enough. Sherry is a wonderfully experienced and compassionate healthcare provider. I was thrilled with the ease of this process. You cannot beat the convenience and prompt attention.

So thankful there’s a place I can go that provides great care any time I need it without the wait!! Telemedicine gives me peace of mind that I can count on during this pandemic!! I will be back!! Thanks SO much!!


Sherry is fabulous! A telehealth visit was most convenient for my schedule. I was able to get a quick appointment. My issues were heard & I was given a treatment plan immediately. Highly recommend!


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